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COFFEE Delight delivered to your door

Wake Up! – The dreaded two words that most humans worldwide admit to using when asked, “Why do you drink coffee?” At the Lab, we found this admission shocking, specifically from a scientific data perspective. Why? Well, when those same people were asked the question, “Why do you enjoy coffee?” – just changing one word in the question – they answered in elegant prose the delight coffee brings to their day after they wake up, not for waking up. Fascinating!

The coffee collection of Fire Island Labs focuses on providing our retailers and consumers with life’s enjoyment – i.e. Good health and a pleasant daily existence. We call it “Delight delivered to your door” in the form of our private stock beans and grounds curated from organic farms from around the world. Wake up and enjoy your day with Fire Island Labs coffee… you deserve something special.

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Private Stock Blends

Decaf. Medium. Dark.

Enjoy our special blends – a reminder why the full body characteristics of an exceptionally roasted old world single and double crack bean is considered by many, the most delightful in taste and sensation. The Fire Island Labs Coffee Division is teamed with experts representing six Continents. We source and curate superior grade coffee beans from the world’s most renowned growing regions. The Lab supports sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic farming and trade practices that support the workers along the coffee supply chain.

We roast to exact standards to ensure strict quality control and compliance. The entire process, from bean to cup, is completed in-house. We source, analyze, select, roast, package to order and deliver directly to our customers preferred locations worldwide – fresh and direct. Enjoy your cup!

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Temptuous Coffee

Adventured from 6 Continents

Science based coffee

What is the roasting process?

Roasting is the science of heating green coffee beans to enhance their flavor and aroma, as well as improve their solubility in water. This process causes chemical reactions within the coffee bean. The science of coffee roasting results in a brown, aromatic, and flavorful coffee bean that can then be ground and brewed.

It starts and ends with the quality of beans we source and purchase. For twenty years, our roast-master has been tasked with visiting farms in several countries spread over three continents. The Lab insists that only the ripest, high altitude grown, handpicked Arabica
organic beans available enter the facility. Once the samples arrive, we analyze the quality of the raw product. We do a moisture content test of the beans and roast 100-gram samples on our roasters, let the coffee rest for a day and then “cup” the coffee. Cupping is an
evaluation where we decide, according to a point scoring system, the quality of the roasted sample beans. We are looking for body, flavor, mouth feel, aftertaste and crisp acidity.

Once we identify the superior beans, we skillfully roast and blend the coffee to perfection under strict quality control while sampling the blends at multiple critical points during the process. From there, we use our state of the art Sieve Shaker to guarantee a consistent grind for optimal flavor profiles. The fresh coffee is then packed at our own facility, which insures the best quality and freshness. This seed to cup approach is what gives us the ability to give everyone the best, freshest cup of coffee available.



We are dedicated to a healthier happier you and use the full potential of Nature to achieve that objective. At dead low tide, Ships’ Hole would remain 16′ deep. Vessels would anchor to wait out the Tide. Bootleggers from the “Island of Fire” would gather on the banks of Ships’ Hole to exchange news of local communities and British and American troop movement. Long Island tradesman of anchored vessels would rely on Fire Island news to move products and spirits without notice and or time period trouble.

During the 18th century, the maritime shores of Long Island, NY served as a passageway for Merchant trade. Ships from around the globe would anchor to exchange exotic spices, coffee and interesting things. Fire Island became a haven.

Centuries later, Fire Island Labs continues the tradition of providing nature’s finest. As a Lab, we aggregate historic knowledge and compliment it with modern day technology and science.
Who is Ships’ Hole?


The Fire Island Labs Hemp CBD unit is teamed with individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds – from the agricultural experts and farmers who provide us with the industry’s purest strains of industrial hemp, to the biologists, chemists, and business development experts who’ve helped make the Lab brand what it is today.

Our CBD supplement portfolio is sourced from a compliance controlled, regulated industrial hemp supply that is tested for the presence of pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, solvents, and chemical fertilizers. Hemp is legal in all 50 U.S. states and our Supplement is a broad spectrum, non-psychoactive, THC* compliant hemp product.

Fire Island Labs CBD products and Hemp Flower are non-GMO, and third-party laboratory tested to guarantee purity and compound identification. We are dedicated to a healthier happier you and use the full potential of Hemp to achieve that objective.
Certificate of Analysis – Hemp and CBD

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